Sunday, 16 January 2011

16th January

I think I must have been hit by a bus and then reversed over because there isn't a part of my body that doesn't hurt.
Me and Mark spent the morning searching for more jobs for him to apply for. I got abit stressed over falling behind on my Open Uni course and after talking it through with Mark, I have decided to quit my course, focus on my health for a little while and then start a new diploma course in a few months.
This afternoon we went to my godfather's house. We haven't seen them since the middle of last year so it was nice to see everyone.
Ooo and when I got home and checked my emails, I found that we have reached £41 sponsorship =D Shameless plug alert!!! If you want to find out what the fundraiser is about or want to sponsor me and Mark, head to

15th January

I've been feeling really ill today so I haven't been very good company for Mark but it can't be helped I guess. We got a lift to my house by Mark's mum and she bought us fish and chips for lunch =]
We didn't do much in the afternoon, just lazed on the sofa and Mark arranged another phone interview for next week.
Ordered some yummy Chicken Korma from our favourite restaurant and had it while watching Take me out.

14th January

Today I managed the gym =D It was such a relief to finally get some exercise in even if I didn't manage my full work out.
I went over Mark's in the afternoon to stay over and cooked him steak and spicy wedges for tea. We watched Death race and had a relaxing evening.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

13th January

It's my Dad's birthday today hence the cake. We haven't done anything to celebrate as everyone was working but we are going out next week for a meal as a belated celebration.
Today has been a mad rush for me to get on top of my OU work so that I have enough time to get my next assignment done well.
I went shopping with my mum this afternoon and bought Mark a jumper for his birthday next month =]
I finished reading Acheron last night and I think I'm going to start reading Women in Love by D.H. Lawrence.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

12th January

It's been a pretty rubbish day health wise. I've been finding it difficult to breath without getting chest pain so that made work rather hard.
Me and Mark sat up talking til the early hours last night. I absolutely love just lying in bed and just talking about anything and everything. It has to be my favourite time of any day spent with Mark =] After work, we went into town to buy my dad a card and present for his birthday and then we watched Dog Day Afternoon. It's really good acting by Al Pacino, worth watching!

Ooo and my mum found a shop that still sells Salt and Vinegar Rice infusion pringles! Normal shops have stopped selling them which is annoying as they have to be my favourite crisps!
Now I'm off to watch Madagascar and munch Pringles =D

11th January

Chapter finished! I have completed the third chapter in my OU research methods book. I'm almost back on track now =]
Today was a dull day as always, got up, did some coursework, went to work at the school. And then Mark came over after his interview =] He passed to the next stage and has a final interview next Thursday so we'll be keeping our fingers, toes, legs, arms and anything else spare, crossed for good luck =D
We had a lazy day, just reading, doing work and watching the new CSI.

10th January

I intended to go to the gym this morning but my legs absolutely refused so I stayed home and did some more OU work before going to work. We had to have the children playing inside because the playground was iced over. Ice + small children = chaos!
Me and Mum went to Roundhay Park after work to feed the ducks. We got swarmed by seagulls instead! The walk around the lake was a substitute for the lack of gym visits so I didn't feel too lazy. Then of course I went for the mandatory hot chocolate special to warm up =D
The evening was spent watching tv and reading some more Acheron.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

9th January

I had a really lazy day and spent most of it reading. Mark filled in some forms for his First Direct interview on Tuesday and that was pretty much the extent of our day.
I cleaned Laila out this afternoon so she had a run the living room and flopped down next to the sofa when she had had enough of the bounding around. I'm knackered from sorting out her cage, it always seemed to send my back into spasms but at least it is done for another week.
Time to relax now and read some more Acheron =]

8th January

I spent the morning with Mark at his flat and I read some Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon while Mark and his brother watched football. I changed my mind on reading the Library of Greek Mythology for the moment but will probably read it after Acheron.
We got the bus to my house in the afternoon, ordered pizza for tea and watched The Fountain while munching chocolate =]

7th January

The ring I ordered from Elektra Loaded on Etsy finally came only a month late thanks to our useless postal system. I absolutely love the ring!
Today was pretty dull for the most part. I intended to go to the gym but never got there. I went to work as usual and then I went over to stay at Mark's flat =] We made chicken enchiladas for tea and watched The Prestige and Doubt.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

6th January

This morning I got some more OU work done but I found out that part of my course material is missing and wasn't even on the content checklist so I can't do a full section of my work until they send me the missing booklet.

It's been another lazy day after I'd been to work. Mark had a phone interview for First Direct and got through to the second stage =D

I'm going to start reading the Library of Greek Mythology tonight when I go to bed. I've got a thing for mythology recently so I guess it's the perfect book to read =]

Ooo and we've booked a hotel in London for March so we can stay the night after the Script concert

5th January

I finally caught up with my Open Uni work and started chapter 6. Only a week late but at least I'm getting there =]
Today was the first day back at work after two weeks off for christmas. It was good to be back doing something and get back to a routine. Christmas has thrown my routine out completely.
I finished reading Dream Chaser by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I'm definitely hooked on her books at the moment.
Mark came over in the afternoon and we just had a lazy evening together =]

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

4th January

I finally caught up with my Open Uni work. Chapter 5 done!!
We had a new bathroom carpet fitted today and the only reason I actually got dressed today was because strange men were coming to fit the carpet haha! I sound so lazy! I'll have you know I was just working in comfortable pj's. There is no reason to get dress when you study with the Open Uni =D

My dad took us all out for a meal at the Red Hot Buffet in Leeds and we must have had 6 different courses. I think the gym will be in order for tomorrow!
Now I'm going to go feed Laila, my bunny and then head to bed and read =]

3rd January

New books! I don't have any spare shelves to put them on but you can never have too many books! I've never read anything by any of these authors before but they were cheap in asda so I thought why not =]
The day was fairly average. I spent the morning with Mark and watched part of Planet 51.
When I got home, I finally sat down and did some Open Uni work for the first time in two weeks. I'm behind at the moment but fingers crossed I can get on top of it this week once I get back into a routine =]

Monday, 3 January 2011

2nd January

Since it was a Sunday, I had a lie-in which is unusual for me. I'm almost always up by half 8 regardless of the day. Silly ME gives me a headache otherwise...because that makes sense!
Went for a walk in Roundhay Park with Mark and my parents and fed the ducks. As you can see from the picture, they went a little crazy!
Me and Mark watched The twelve monkeys when we went back to him flat. Odd film to say the least.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

1st January

Today was spent helping Mark sort out his new flat and then we had a roast dinner when we got back to my house.
We've spent the evening watching take me out and munching chocolates.

31st December

Happy New Year!

I spent the evening with Mark and my parents. We went to a local curry house for a meal and my grandad came along.

At midnight we lit chinese lanterns and one flew off but one failed miserably and burned away on the floor.